Friday, November 30, 2012

NOVEMBER 30th: Happy Saint Andrew's Day!

Today is Scotland's National Day.  My family has deep roots in both Ireland and Scotland.  We initially believed, growing up, that this was on my Father's side only with names like Cullen and MacAllister.  But recently we discovered that a branch of my Mother's family was part of a Clan that was thrown out of Scotland for being unruly - by the Scots!  That explains a whole lot about my maternal line. Half of them ended up in Ulster and the other in Holland and Atlantic Germany. 

I also have friends in Scotland.  As the Scottish Referendum for Independence approaches in 2014, this seemed like a timely poem to celebrate Saint Andrew's Day.  I dedicate today's post to them (even though by the time it posts their day will be more than half over) Go raimh maith agat, LmC!

Henry Scott Riddell was a poet and songwriter composing in Scotland in the late 18th Century.

Scotland Yet by Henry Scott Riddell

Recording (c) by Judith Cullen 2012
NOT for Commercial Use

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