Sunday, November 18, 2012

COMING SOON in Ebook form for Kindle and Kindle Readers!

Coming in December just in time for Holiday Gift Giving: two ebooks of my own collected short stories.  Audio versions to follow in 2013.

Three Irish Tales ~ A trio of short stories inspired by Irish folklore and the author's own Irish family heritage. Includes the legends of the Bile Rath, the Far Liath, and a pesky pouka.

Reflections from The Golden Wheel"I'm not the first person to turn fifty. I am not likely to be the last either, but who knew that so much change would be part and parcel of clocking a half century?"  ...The Golden Wheel is a mix of fiction and non-fiction musings mirroring one woman's journey through the "wheel of the year" surrounding her fiftieth birthday.

I'm finally doing it!  I am finally publishing my own work.  Will post when these collections go on sale.  Might be that you know someone who might enjoy these.  It's a chance to support your local "maybe-not-so-starving-but-trying-to-pay-the-damn-utilities" artist.

Fabulous Illustrations by Micki McIntyre.

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