Thursday, December 31, 2015


All Good Gifts ~ Conclusion                                                                                            by Judith Cullen
© 2015

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Some students only wrote to their pen pals for the rest of the school year, letting the delights and America and Anna in Germany, continued to write for the next several years.  They shared stories of their studies, their families.  Anna had just her mother, having lost her father and a brother in the war.  They talked about the news of the day and what was popular.
attractions of the summer months cushion their enthusiasm for overseas correspondence. The two girls, Ann in

Ann began to understand what the teacher had meant by learning about other cultures and different ways.  Most of the time the two girls shared their thoughts easily.  But sometimes her friend would share thoughts or opinions that she didn't agree with.  One time Anna had written about a well known American actress who had done a film in Europe with a famous European Director, and was now carrying his child out of wedlock.  She thought it was fantastic that they had gotten together.  Born in the much less cosmopolitan Midwest, Ann did not share this enthusiasm.  At first it bothered her that her friend did not see this situation as she herself saw it.  In the end she decided to let it go, and did not comment on it in her reply.  In short order their correspondence moved on to other stories and other details and the point of disagreement faded.  It was her first lesson in accepting other people for who they were, and not who she would have them be.

Monday, December 28, 2015

'TIS THE SEASON: A Good Time to Remember

In a time of year filled with gift-giving, we often get caught up in the quantifying of values rather than remembering the power found in genuine gestures.  As we move towards a new year, and now that some of the holiday hoopla is past, here is a brand new original tale that is not about Christmas presents at all.  It is about the power of simple acts, generous giving, and heartfelt thanks that endures. 

Thank you for a wonderful year of new adventures in self-publishing. Part One today, and the conclusion on December 31st, the last day of 2015

All Good Gifts                                                                                                                     
by Judith Cullen
© 2015

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The hands that held the small frame gently were beginning to twist with age. 

"It is one of my most treasured possessions," she said softly.

"I don't remember ever having seen it before, Mom. How long have you had this?" her daughter inquired, noticing the clear affection with which the elder woman was regarding the picture she cradled.

"Oh!  Years and years."

She ran her wrinkled thumb along the dull, gold-painted frame, feeling the texture of it, her eyes never leaving the small oil painting as she spoke.

"Over sixty some years ago, now. Sometimes I wonder ..." 

Her mind wandered away to that realm of familiar yesterdays, where minds are young and full of endless tomorrows, and bodies are still straight and free from restriction or pain.

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