Thank You to all the Supporters 
of The Blackberry and Other Tales That Creep
Sometimes, it take a village to publish good stories.Thank you for sharing this journey with me.

Inksters: $100 or more
Elizabeth A. Cullen
Selby Evans
Betsey J. Goodfellow
Melinda Strobel
James E. Swain
Laura Swain

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Judith Adele
Tanya Carter
Kathi Fastnow Dirkse
Andrew Fry
Jeri Lloyd
Shandon Loring
Mary Pat Lynch
MJ McGalliard
Micki McIntyre
Elena Miller
Joella Oldfield
Melinda Wilson
Eric Wilt

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Cath Blackfeather
Kevin Lee
Dana McCabe
Stephanie Mesler
Chris Nardine
Walter Parrish
Alexina Proctor

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Hal Meng

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