Friday, February 28, 2020

*NEW POEM* - The Nature of Change

Image Public Domain from - Galaxy Pair NGC 3314

Change Whisperer
© 2020 by Judith Cullen

Smelling it,
the wafting air of change.
The weave apparent,
watching it form and shift.
Noticing when, even
well established patterns adjust.

Sometimes anticipating,
pushing the new arrangement.
Seeming alone in seeing,
movement of time, circumstance.
These efforts making
little sense to anyone else.

Limited remains
perpetual, steadfast, abiding.
Only that unseen
has the chance of constancy.
Without, the weave
is in constant motion. 

Saturday, February 8, 2020

*NEW POEM - Waiting for Magic

It's been a while!  I have been diving deep in that other major creative realm of mine, the visual.  A few poems cropped up in my head. It's hard to think when they do that. 

Here's one for fun. Enjoy! ~ jdc

Beans in the Yard
by Judith Cullen
© 2020

They got dropped there on Christmas Day,
The casserole gratefully rescued;
The food still good, still edible.
I should have raked them back then,
whisked them away - disposed.
I was curious. What would happen?

"Do not step on the beans!"

Eight weeks later, they are still there.
No giants are roaming the streets,
Harp music does not waft downstairs,
and the front porch is entirely bereft - 
no burnished fowl or its progeny
squatting in fabled expectation.

I was diligent. I looked.

Maybe the barbecue sauce blocked
all the enchanted potentialities.
Perhaps onions carefully diced are
an antidote to storybook creations.
Some have turned black, while others
grow mushier from rain, snow, and frosts.

Surely one of them might have been magic!

I should have raked them away,
whisked them into the trash.
But I was curious. I wanted to know.