Friday, February 28, 2020

*NEW POEM* - The Nature of Change

Image Public Domain from - Galaxy Pair NGC 3314

Change Whisperer
© 2020 by Judith Cullen

Smelling it,
the wafting air of change.
The weave apparent,
watching it form and shift.
Noticing when, even
well established patterns adjust.

Sometimes anticipating,
pushing the new arrangement.
Seeming alone in seeing,
movement of time, circumstance.
These efforts making
little sense to anyone else.

Limited remains
perpetual, steadfast, abiding.
Only that unseen
has the chance of constancy.
Without, the weave
is in constant motion. 

A pattern changes
informing, precipitating more.
Another counters
impacted by the changing one.
Shifts rippling all
like pulsing butterfly wings.

No knowing why,
how, or where the ripples began.
Only reality, difference,
the tide washing of change
where nothing happens
in complete isolation.

You'd think evidence
would come with acceptance.
But even a Whisperer
forgets where to focus,
seeing the change at the expense
of savoring the moment.

The good time opiate,
engenders forgetfulness.
The desire for joy
encourages holding on.
Hardwired, perhaps, from
a much slower world.

The Whisperer creates
a cherished box of treasure
in her heart,
for those joys gone.
Endeavoring once again
to embrace this moment.   

The only thing that is forever
is the constancy change.
The only thing that lingers
are our hearts.


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