Thursday, April 25, 2013

COMING IN MAY: A Trio of Cat Tales

Great New Cover Art by Micki McIntyre!
Coming in May, the second collection in the Trio Tales series of short stories/ microfictions.

From the Preface:
"In his books, author and animal rights activist Cleveland Amory’s coined the phrase: “cat-owned.”  It is the perfect phrase.  It is one that the veteran “owned” recognize for its truth.  Without going into egregious detail or odious comparisons, there is that about even the most common place cat which humans will never entirely understand.  There is an air of mystery about them, an aura of hyper-intelligence or wisdom.  If this is all a sham of nature, it is still the best fake-out job in creation."

 CLICK to listen to a selection from Chapter 1: The Story of S
 Soon to be available on Kindle and in Paperback through Amazon  ... just in time for Mother's Day and the cat-loving Mom in your life!  

I will also be reading selections in Second Life (c) as Caledonia Skytower next Monday at 7pm Pacific.  See the JUDY'S STORIES tab for more readings and reading info:

Judy's Stories
Proctor Art Gallery
Sunday, May 5th at 1pm
3811 North 26th Street 

in Tacoma's Proctor District

Come along! Enjoy Patty Franklin's luminous Musical Instrument Mosaics and other beautiful works of Art at the Gallery while listening to stories read live.  Special compositions written just for this event include Walking to the Music and Mute Impact.

Wednesday, April 17, 2013


There are no less than three public reading sessions planned for those in the Puget Sound area.  I will be reading exclusively from my published works at the April 20th session.  The other two sessions will be a mix of my work and some other featured works on a similar theme, including selections from my upcoming A Trio of Cat Tales, and a story specifically written for the Proctor Art Gallery event, entitled "Walking to the Music".

Judy's Stories @ Lakewood
Saturday, April 20th at 3pm (60-90 minutes)
Lakewood Playhouse
5729 Lakewood Towne Center Blvd - Lakewood Towne Center

Judy's Stories - North Tacoma
Saturday, April 27th at 2pm (60-90 minutes)
Mason United Methodist Church
2710 North Madison Street in the Proctor District

Judy's Stories - @ Proctor Art Gallery
Sunday, May 5th at 1pm (60-90 minutes)
Proctor Art Gallery, LLC
3811 North 26th Street in the Proctor District

For my reading schedule in the virtual world, check out the Judy's Stories tab, or Click Here to check out the doings at the Seanchai Library in Second Life (c) and my virtual literary self, Caledonia Skytower.

Great Poster generously created by Gene Kester!

Coming in May ...

~ More Judy's Stories

~ The release of A Trio of Cat Tales, and A Trio of My Father's Tales.

Monday, April 8, 2013


If you'd mentioned a viral Sunday to me six months ago I would have thought you were talking about a weekend socked in with a bad cold.  But it was a very different kind of viral yesterday, and an exciting one!

I am sure for a more seasoned author it was not that big a deal, but it was huge for me and an amazing experience.  Reflections from The Golden Wheel did respectably well for a first time author on a three day promotion, bringing in just under 200 downloads and reaching the #66 in the Humor Rankings before it finished. Thanks to everyone who downloaded and who shared encouragement!

A Trio of Irish Tales started its three day promotion yesterday and WENT VIRAL in the afternoon.  At one point, and for several hours, it was being downloaded every 90 seconds!  Over 600 downloads on the first day and it has two more to go!  I'm not going to be smart or cool about it, whatever else happens THAT was cool! Literally, I was on a brief phone call with my sister and ten books uploaded while we were talking.

This morning A Trio of Irish Tales ranks #6 in Fiction-Mythology and #9 in Fiction-Historical at #345 overall in the Free Kindle Store.  LET THE PIGEONS LOOSE!

In celebration of our Viral Sunday here are audio samples from A Trio of Irish Tales

Click for a sample from In the Mists
Click for a sample from Shadow by the Gate 


Thursday, April 4, 2013

FIVE STARS for "Reflections from The Golden Wheel"!

 FIVE STARS! a reader also sent me a personal message that was so lovely and heartfelt that it brought tears to my eyes.  Pass the link for Reflections from The Golden Wheel along to someone you know.  It is one woman's view of life from its median ... and it is shared in the hopes that others will find comfort, understanding, and perhaps even joy!

UPDATE:  In recognition of WomenArt's Swans Day Celebrations, you can download the Kindle version of this title FREE from Amazon today through Sunday!  Women are loving these stories, and finding the sentiments both moving and joy-inspiring.  If you like it?  RATE & REVIEW IT!  If you LOVE it?  SHARE THE LOVE - RECOMMEND IT TO YOUR FRIENDS! 

Click to hear Audio Samples ...
**Draft of Chapter 9
**Selections - Chapter 10

Here's the review...
"A collection of essays that offers a glimpse into the thoughts and emotions of a woman who is going through self evaluation and reflection. I could identify with several of the points she made. I am of her generation, and while I have had some of the same emotions, I hadn't quite worked through them to the point of seeing them with any clarity. The author offers some quite poignant insights that surprisingly brought me comfort. I look eagerly look forward to more writing from Ms. Cullen. "

Tuesday, April 2, 2013



Some adjustments in this weekend's scheduled public readings ... check out the Takin' It To The Seats" Tab for the new schedule.

The session at King's Books as part of the Tacoma Swans Day Celebration is still a GO! Click Here to learn more!

In recognition of Sunday's Swans Day event and its efforts internationally to celebrate the creative spirit of Women and raise consciousness (and funds) to combat violence against Women, Reflections from The Golden Wheel will go on a special promotion.  For three days only, beginning Friday, the Kindle edition will be available to download for FREE!  Tell you friends and family -- share this special deal with any one and everyone you think might enjoy it!


"Judith Cullen's skills as a story teller and voice actress are obvious in these Irish tales. There is nothing as an engaging as a good story shared by a great story teller. If you have never had the opportunity to hear Cullen perform her work, I'm sorry. I imagine she will one day record these stories for you to hear in her own voice. In the meantime, I recommend reading them aloud to yourself and your friends. Seriously, these tales demand to be heard! Even read silently to oneself, these tales are engaging as well as touching. I love them!"  ~ Stephanie

"I imagined these tales being spoken aloud as I read them and how delightful it would be to hear the author's voice in the telling. I was pleasantly surprised at the mix of modern and ancient in the tales' settings and enjoyed how well the phrasing suited both eras. I am looking forward to future tales told by this author (and hoping for an audio book of the collections!)" ~ KFD

And from enthusiastic readers in the UK ...

"Three short stories, all based in an Ireland. that exists half in reality, half in myth: The clash between a sulky teenager, umbilically connected to his laptop, and an older kind of game-player; the beautiful sense of continuity in a family's connection with its place on the land, and a walk in the mist that nearly takes someone through the veil between realities that is still so present in Ireland, all evoke an Ireland that all with Celtic blood recognize and long for."  ~ CASB

"A wonderful trio of atmospheric tales from a writer who really is a great storyteller. It is a pleasure to read someone who truly understands the short story." ~ John

~ A Trio of Cat Tales
~ A Trio of Tales Told by My Father