Thursday, April 4, 2013

FIVE STARS for "Reflections from The Golden Wheel"!

 FIVE STARS! a reader also sent me a personal message that was so lovely and heartfelt that it brought tears to my eyes.  Pass the link for Reflections from The Golden Wheel along to someone you know.  It is one woman's view of life from its median ... and it is shared in the hopes that others will find comfort, understanding, and perhaps even joy!

UPDATE:  In recognition of WomenArt's Swans Day Celebrations, you can download the Kindle version of this title FREE from Amazon today through Sunday!  Women are loving these stories, and finding the sentiments both moving and joy-inspiring.  If you like it?  RATE & REVIEW IT!  If you LOVE it?  SHARE THE LOVE - RECOMMEND IT TO YOUR FRIENDS! 

Click to hear Audio Samples ...
**Draft of Chapter 9
**Selections - Chapter 10

Here's the review...
"A collection of essays that offers a glimpse into the thoughts and emotions of a woman who is going through self evaluation and reflection. I could identify with several of the points she made. I am of her generation, and while I have had some of the same emotions, I hadn't quite worked through them to the point of seeing them with any clarity. The author offers some quite poignant insights that surprisingly brought me comfort. I look eagerly look forward to more writing from Ms. Cullen. "

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