Monday, June 4, 2018

NOT IDLE! Noooo, no no!

Recently I wrote 9 pieces, a mix of poems and stories, for Fantasy Faire in Second Life - To Benefit Relay For Life. The pieces were part of a writing challenge where the invitation was offered to visit the 15 created realms of the Faire and allow these creative environments to inspire.
In addition. I took on the added challenge of making a small list of people from my own life that had "battled the Unweaver" as we say in Faire parlance: cancer survivors, and those not as fortunate. It was hard to keep the list short, frankly.
This piece was written in memory of Rev Eugene F Kester, who passed just in the last year. A man of grace and spirit, who was unendingly supportive of me and my work.
The piece is a haiku cycle.
Image by Aoife Lorefield

Weep Not for the Day
by Judith Cullen
© 2018

In memory of Gene

Motes of life floating
swaying, drifting, dissolving
in a ring of fae.

Cell by cell vanish
peeling away the layers
what will then remain?

Land diminishing
magic wafting on the breeze
first gone, then it's lost.

My head on my knees
weeping its quiet passing
exquisite, tragic.

A voice from the past
So deep, yet gently speaking
a wise shade returns.

"Seek not the ebbing,
paths naturally cycling,
mere glimpse of the whole.

"Weep not the waning,
for surely the wheel shall turn
creation returns.

"This moment will not
linger, forever static
but shall breathe anew.

"Come to the water
embrace what little remains,
hold it inside you.

"You are the vessel,
connecting all that has been
with that which shall be.

"Love is the power,

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