Saturday, April 11, 2015

NEW AUDIO SAMPLE from "The Blackberry"

We received a lovely thank you card from the Smyrna Public Library in New York State recently.  It is one of two libraries currently carrying my published works in paperback.  Thanks to the success of our recent Kickstarter campaign, there will soon be more!

Today's post includes a new audio sample from the title story – The Blackberry – originally written in 2014.  In this sample you get a sneak peek behind the events which inspired me to ask the question “what if a blackberry actually had evil intent?”

As people in the northern hemisphere begin to resurrect their gardens from the rest of Winter, see if this episode is not a little familiar to you.

Click Here for The Blackberry Audio Sample

If you have been following Gorak the Gobbler and are finding it frustrating that the re-posting is so far back, CLICK HERE to go directly to the latest installment.

Coming Soon: the cover reveal of The Blackberry & Other Tales That Creep!

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