Tuesday, March 31, 2015

WELCOME APRIL! Three Special Things ~ NO FOOLIN' !

Welcome to another month. As the release of The Blackberry & Other Tales That Creep moves ever closer, this seems like a great time for a little celebrating of the excitement building about this book and its stories.
NOTE: Not images by Rick Geary - but we are excited to say that there will be some lovely drawings for "Gorak.." by Rick!

So today's "Trifecta of Specialness" Includes . . .

  • A SPECIAL OFFER: Today only, FREE! for just 24 hours ~ all my titles that are available on Kindle are free on Amazon.  You can click on the covers in the left hand margin (all but one of which are available for Kindle) or go directly to my Amazon Author Page and make your selections from there.
  • A PREVIEW: More of Gorak the Gobbler today, and in a special format.  Click Here to get an mp3 audio selection of the next installment from Jamie Bergstrom's adventures with his unexpected visitor.To read the most recent installation that was posted here on the website, Click Here.
  • AN INVITATION:  If you enjoy what you hear and what you read today from my work, please consider taking WHAT YOU SAVED and joining those who are supporting The Blackberry & Other Tales That Creep through my Kickstarter Campaign, which has 9 more days left.  We have successfully reached our primary goal, and now we are working on expanding distribution networks for the book, and even launching an Audio Book!  YOU CAN BE A PART OF THAT for as small a pledge as $5.
Finally, share this special NO FOOLIN' Offer, and news of my work with your friends and family.  There's always room for one more really good story in your life, and my short stories are journeys that are good for the heart and soul. If you found out about this through social media, it only takes a click to make a difference!

What does "more" mean for a book like this?
  • $5 = One more book donated to a library
  • $25 = One more hour of audio processing
  • $50 = One more sales distribution channel the book is made available through

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