Tuesday, March 17, 2015


I'm feeling both lucky AND Irish today.  With "The Blackberry . . ." Kickstarter campaign live for less than a week, we have over 77% of the pledges needed to meet our project goal.  A huge thank you to all of my backers - you are amazing and I am honored and humbled by you all.  

Here's a little "where are we at?" fun in celebration of our achievement and this day.    Check it out - like, share, comment.  These are all helpful things and cost only your time. 

We are so close!  Thanks for joining in on the journey.  If you are seeing this and haven't joined in, come on along - there's plenty of room!

Okay - remember that it was probably not even 6am yet when this was shot!  You can check out the "The Blackberry. . . "  Kickstarter Campaign HERE.

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