Tuesday, September 10, 2013

TRIO TALES UPDATE ~ Everyone has an opinion. What's yours? Take Our Poll!

Okay, let's face it ...I am not J.K. Rowling.  Who the heck is?  But I have come to believe that the audience for short stories, short subjects, microfiction in general is growing.  You can read it on a commute, while waiting, when you just need a break.

Short Stories help me learn as a writer, and refine my craft as I work towards longer compositions.  I am in love with the form, and I cannot imagine not writing short stories. Some of the stories already published could yet emerge as longer works. Maybe even "proper books."  Which are your favorites?  Take the WHICH ARE YOUR FAVORITES? poll in the right margin, and share your thoughts!

There were some great responses after last weekends TRIO TALES Promotion ... here's the most recent:

"Each one of these three stories contains a learning lesson. Two of them were military in nature so I felt more at home with both of those. 

"... I was trying to pick my favorite but am unable as all of them resonated with me.

"Highly recommended."     
~ Amazon Reader Review, FIVE Stars

"A TRIO OF CAT TALES could actually have been written by a cat!

"Judy has such a way of telling these sweet stories from the feline point of view that the reader could almost believe that "S" had taken the keyboard and written them herself. "S" tells her tale as she goes through different life situations with her owner "She". As the reigning Cat of the House "S" sizes up each of the scenarios she is dealt and handles them with kitty-cat grace and aplomb. Well...except for in "Travels with S", which is tale #2. Here we do witness a good bit of yowling and more than a few tears, but don't worry. Everything ends okay. As a cat-owned human who has moved several times with felines in tow I got a big kick out of "Travels with S"!

"Those humans who have a cat reigning in their household will especially enjoy this book."      ~ Amazon Reader Review, FIVE Stars

"... Judy’s characters are strong and very real. The dialog rings true, and fellow Irish-Americans will enjoy (and perhaps recognize) the familial banter in the second tale, The Shadow by the Gate. Liam, its young protagonist, reminds me a little of me as a teen.

"A TRIO OF IRISH TALES is not a thriller, but it does keep you turning pages. Judy does with pooka, the man of the mists, and dancing fairies what others do with bullets and mayhem. The book’s charming mysticism grabs with plenty of character and just a pinch of suspense. The writing is conversational, and Judy’s voice is as friendly and open in her book as it is at her readings. The pace, flow, and tone precisely complements the stories.

Although they are fresh from Judy’s mind and two of three stories take place in today’s world, all read like traditional tales. In the first tale, entitled “In the Mist” a girl’s dream of romance is shattered, and her passion draws her from safety into the hidden dangers of the mist. In the Shadow by the Gate, Liam, a jaded teenaged technophile is thrust into a startlingly real world of traditional mysticism. The book finishes with The Oak, a story of one woman’s life as the river of time flows past her, her home, and her family.

A TRIO OF IRISH TALES is a great read. It’s both pleasant and engaging and should appeal to all readers, not just those of us of Irish descent. I recommend it. 
~ Amazon Reader Review, FIVE Stars

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