Sunday, June 30, 2013

FREE PROMOTION! A Trio of Cat Tales!

Starting July 1st, A TRIO OF CAT TALES will be on a Free Kindle Download Promotion through July 4th on Amazon, Amazon UK and other Amazon outlets world wide.

Meet "S" ... a cat of intelligence and character who shares her feline insights and adventures through three delightful short stories . . .

What delighted readers are saying about A TRIO OF CAT TALES
"Ms. Cullen's writing is lyrical and touching, the rhythms and characters stick in your mind like a really good tune. I have the feeling she could write about tin cans and readers would come away with a sense of satisfaction and wonder ... Ms. Cullen's level of insight into the feline mind is almost scarey. I can't wait for Cullen's next trio."  ~ Mikey Mac, Amazon Reader

"...In some ways the art of the short story is becoming lost as people have so many more distractions put upon their time. It is wonderful to see an author putting out new stories that can be shared with young and old alike. This small volume can be read quickly and then passed to friends and family for years to come. I defy anyone with any experience with cats to read this and not smile and nod knowingly."  ~ Eric Wilt, Amazon Reader

"All the stories do that thing of both looking at all the things about cats that we find delightful and infuriating in equal measures, but looked at from a cat's eye view, so you get a skewed look at 'normal' life. A great sense of humour and I will definitely be reading that extra story to the children at Christmas."  ~ C.A.S. Blackfeather, Amazon UK Reader 

Check out these free audio samples . . .
 CLICK to listen to a selection from Chapter 1: The Story of S
 CLICK to listen to a selection from Chapter 3: S and the Cable Guy 

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