Sunday, May 21, 2017


The wheels of Amazon have done all there turning, and all the appropriate connections are now connected on a single sales page for Gorak the Gobbler . When you have a publisher behind you, it happens more smoothly.  When you are an independent, like myself, it doesn't always.  But now it's all there!

Not only that, but the first reader review is in and it is five stars!

"I have heard Ms. Cullen read all three tales presented in this tome in virtual worlds -- a rare privilege. Now to own the book with my own two hands! Awesome!

"Being old school (and ancient in my years) I adore having an actual book to thumb through, put bookmarks in and look at fondly when it rests in my book case. However, is is also available in Kindle, so have at!

"That said, Ms. Cullen's talents as a storyteller allow one to gambol in joie de vivre. I am a decidedly G-rated old crone, the Gorak tales touch on fun, fantasy, exploration, personal growth, emotional awareness and acknowledgement, and joy in the glory of living. I wish I had them in my youth. I'm definitely glad I have them in my elder age.

"I recommend this book to all. And if you get a chance to hear the author share the tale verbally, hop to it!"   ~ "
Rd Plasschaert", Amazon Reader Review (five stars)

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