Saturday, May 13, 2017

GORAK is on his way, this week!

That's right.  The small, oddly wise, extremely red little guy will have his very own volume of tales, released this week on Kindle, with the paperback available shortly after.

Here's a glimpse from one of the stories in this new volume:  Gorak Returns.

The big plastic storage bin of sewing and craft scraps that her Mom kept in the hall closet had been dragged into Ellie's room, and its contents were strewn all over her bed: scraps of fabrics in rainbow colors, papers with different printed designs, ruffled lace trim in varying sizes, ribbons galore, cellophane packages of beads and sequins twinkling in the light. Standing in the middle of the chaos, feet planted apart, arms spread wide and grinning was a creature Ellie had never seen the like of before.  Around its red head was tied a scrap of fluffy pink marabou.

"Me Gorak!  Ellie McCormick wanna dance?" it said.

Once Ellie got over her shock, she was in a fury.

"Me Gorak!" the little creature repeated.

Ellie grumbled and kept on tossing fabric, ribbons, sequins, all of it back into the plastic storage bin.

"Me Gorak!" he said again, more insistent this time.

She ignored it, but for pushing him a little roughly out of the way as she scooped up more of the debris covering her bed.

The creature stamped his foot ineffectively on the quilt-covered bed, almost knocking himself over.

"ME GORAK!" he shrieked.

Ellie slammed the lid on the bin and faced him.

"Me no care!  You make mess! Me dealing with it!"

"No, no, no, no, no, no, nooooooo," replied Gorak, attempting to be reasonable, "Dis no fine way to begin!  Dis how things begin: I say 'me Gorak', an you say 'Oh, how nice to meet you Gorak.  I have never met a real Gobbler before,' an den me say some ting pleasant, an you say some ting pleasanter, an we all full of  da 'hi-howaya-get-to-know-yas.'  Dis da way it works.  Dis da way it always work. Dis da way it 'sposed ta work!"

"Really?" Ellie replied, folding her arms, "Do you always destroy a person's room before the ' hi-howaya-get-to-know-yas', or did you do all this special for me?"

Gorak looked at her in confusion.  He looked around the room for support.  Grafitti the dog just plopped down on his bottom, watching them both.  The creature pointed to himself, and patiently clarified.

"Me . . . Gorak."

"How nice for you." Ellie gave a dismissing gesture and toted the storage bin back into the hall to put it away.

Gorak plopped down in a repeat of Graffiti's sitting action, the pink marabou still wafting about its head, and whispered to the dog, "She tough customer. Dis no gonna be easy."

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