Thursday, September 10, 2015

POEM: Feeling Fall-ish Today

Yep!  It is in the air - in a kaleidoscope of different ways. Even in lives.  It seems like there are so many deaths and new births going on around me right now.  This is the most marked transition in the year. I am feeling it both profoundly and joyously.


By Judith Cullen
© 2015

Misty, dewy, cool
Hot coffee embraced mornings.
Warm, clear, bright
No coat required afternoons.
Rising and setting sun
Wild watercolor vibrant.

Trees tipped school bus yellow.
Others taking the flame color
Of summer’s last bonfires.
Air fair and prescient
Of crispness-es to come.
The wheel in transition.

New backpack days.
Check the game schedule days.
Music lesson, State Fair days.
Corn dog and cotton candy days,
Get them before they’re gone.
Beginnings and endings days.

Prepare for necessities of the darkness,
the cold, short, and frosted.
The “so glad I canned that” times
When coats are unquestioned
When light is brief, and we hope
For the return to green and warm.


I am dedicating this to all the lives around me who have taken the step into the next great unknown, and to all those joyously welcomed into this mystery.

Rest in Peace: Bill Becvar, Jim Dollarhide, Bill Bruzas, George McGilliard, Madge Richardson Walsh, and more
Welcome to "The Wonder" to each and every one of the many newborns (I don't know all their names yet. We just met!)

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