Sunday, December 7, 2014


Convenient for stocking stuffing, or with the new Kindle Matchbook program, you can get a lovely discount when you buy both the Kindle and Print version of any title. So buy them both, keep the Kindle for yourself, and gift the print version to a friend or for your part in that great holiday tradition: the gift exchange.

Now Available - A TRIO OF TRAVELING TALES - the last collection for 2014 featuring three great new original stories. This Trio includes: "The Unexpected Path", "The Empire Builder", and the popular "Lawrence Street."

Available on Amazon for Kindle and in Paperback

All my titles are available in time for whatever gift-giving necessity you have.  I doesn't have to be dawned with holly and mistletoe.  It might involve a kinara or a dreidel. It could include the burning of a Yule Log.  Does not matter.

Who on your list might enjoy one of these? Click and see!

Meet Ireland's legendary "Man of the Mists", experience the life of one woman through a sacred oak tree, or delight in the old-world vs new-world clash between an annoyed pooka and a digitally savvy teenager. In this first volume of the "Trio Tales" series, author Judith Cullen celebrates her heritage inspired by family and friends, and she even invites the fairies out to dance. (2013)

My All Time Best Seller!

Meet “S” – a cat in the prime of her nine lives. From her superior feline perch, se swipes a paw at adventures in traveling, her favorite games, along with lessons in art and respect. “A Trio of Cat Tales” is a “feliniously” philosophical journey with plenty of insights and exploits for cat lovers and the “cat owned.” (2013)
Contains a special Christmas Bonus Story!

A TRIO OF MY FATHER'S TALES - A tribute to fathers, containing three stories based on family tales repeated around the kitchen table during the author’s childhood, where all great family legends are born. In "The Little Lord Fauntleroy Suit" a young boy in 1898 Chicago struggles between peer pressure at school, and his determination to make his immigrant parents proud of him. Can he find a solution to make everyone happy? In "Flying Down to Couer D'Alene," and "The Skunk War" the scene moves west to life stateside in the U.S. Army during the Korean War. In these two individual tales, the rigor of Army life meets the ebb and flow of different men from all over the country, different concepts of authority, and what it really takes to be a leader. (2013)

MIRACLES: A TRIO OF ISLAND TALES (with Ilaisaane Filikitonga)
Welcome to paradise: the South Pacific of the 19th Century, full of ancient island cultures and Euro-Western colonialism. In this latest installation of her “Trio Tales” series, author Judith Cullen joins with native Tongan storyteller Illaisaane Filikitonga Tome to share stories steeped in the history of a kingdom, and with an intimate connection to family, and the power of belief. (2014)

Inspired by the arrival of a new laptop, author Judith Cullen began a weekly ritual in 2014 of spending Friday mornings in a local coffee shop. The result of this common literary practice was fruitful, with inspirations reflecting from the tabletops and fluttering outside the window panes. Herein are twelve essays and stories, one for each month, and additional assorted poems. Subjects range from the laundry accidents, timely moments of friendship, love, depression, and the very nature of coffee shops themselves.(2014)

One woman's view from the median of life, author Judith Cullen serves up a collection of ten essays and short stories all written around or related to her personal experience of turning 50. "This is a collection of stories that all begged to be written. ... Sometimes “reality” and “fancy” are woven together into the same piece, while others define themselves clearly as one or the other. I happily yield to the reader to enjoy them and make their own judgments. I am not telling!" (2013)

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