Saturday, March 30, 2013


"All that great love and energy for her heritage and others is being channeled into tales that make ones eyes go wide, hearts pound, minds recall, spirits stir, grins created with twinkles too. Love it!"   ~ Jim Swain, Enthusiastic Reader 

Thanks to all of you for the great response and encouragement on the release of Reflections from The Golden Wheel!  What a great outpouring of joy!  I appreciate it so much!

Click Here for another free audio sample ~ Chapter 9!  This is an early draft of what became that chapter of the collection.  It is based on a true event that really did happen one summer afternoon in my home.  It is a perfect thing to share in this fresh spring weekend, and a great thought for Easter as well.

Evolution and Revolution:  in an effort to make my posts more interesting and not filled with as much "product" information, I am adding tabs across the top of the homepage. Some are links directly to the sales pages for those titles, some are informational pages about Free Offers, Reading Events, etc. You should be able to connect with all the info you need from those tabs.  If you aren't, leave me a comment!  Hopefully, this will free up the homepage for a greater variety of interesting stuff!

Coming Soon!
      ~ TWO Public Readings on Sunday, April 7th (See "Takin' it to the Seats" Tab)
      ~ Late next week - free downloads available from Amazon of some of my titles.  (See "Free Stuff" Tab)

All the audio downloads on this blog are offered freely. I am an artist and fledgling author.  I only ask if you enjoy the files and decide to keep them, you consider leaving something in the tip jar on the right hand margin.  Every little bit helps keep the stories coming!  Mille Gracie!

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