Wednesday, March 27, 2013

"REFLECTIONS..." Goes live!

It is live!  Reflections from The Golden Wheel is finally available on Kindle through Amazon. It is a collection of short stories and essays - One woman's view from the median of life! It is also now available on CreateSpace  in paperback as well as on Amazon.

No Kindle?  No Problem!  You can download a free Kindle Reader App appropriate for your computer ~ Click Here

"This is a collection of stories that all begged to be written.  I am told those are the best ones to share, but I leave that for you to decide.  It is a mix of fictional fancies and non-fiction essays.  Sometimes “reality” and “fancy” are woven together into the same piece, while others define themselves clearly as one or the other.  Again, I happily yield to the reader to enjoy them and make their own judgments. I am not telling!"     

Listen to a free audio sample from the title chapter: Chapter 10 
Warning: I do use the word "breasts" in the this clip, and in reference to my own.  The good news is I do not get more descriptive than that, so you are probably safe.  The Peeps photo to the right will become significant if you listen to the sample.

If you read it, and you enjoy it, don't forget to go back to Amazon and review it - giving it a star rating.  Share it with your friends who might also enjoy it! Give it as a gift!

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