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"Judy Cullen has made Ireland more real and more mythical at the same time. Her stories stir the heart of the Ireland that lives in all of us. It seems that humanity changes and stays the same much as the stories of the green hills change, but remain a part of our forever."
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  I've been doing a great deal of promotion of my new Short Story Collection A Trio of Irish Tales in the past week or so (and there I did again!).  Today's post is a bit different.

In celebration, I am posting recordings of six classic poems (all in the public domain) by Irish poets.  You are welcome to listen, or download them as they are accessibly posted.  I am a "struggling Artist" looking for sustainable work.  Please download a file or two if you enjoy them. I have provided the opportunity for you to show your appreciation if you have the means and desire to do so. I invite you to consider leaving me a Tip in the Stories for Life Tip Widget in the right hand margin.  Help me keep the stories and poems coming, accessibly, for all to enjoy.

I am of Ireland by William Butler Yeats (1839-1922)
The Minstrel Boy by Thomas Moore (1779-1852)
The Ragged Wood by William Butler Yeats (1839-1922)
The Stolen Child  by William Butler Yeats (1839-1922)
Stanzas to Erin by J.J. Callanan (1759-1829)
Into the Twilight  by William Butler Yeats (1839-1922)

~ Slainte' 

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