Friday, August 3, 2018

A POEM EXPERIMENT - "Lavender in the Moonlight"

I love the scent of lavender.  I had a "dream pillow" for years filled with it, and it was one of two scents of Crabtree & Evelyn® products that I used regularly back when I worked in a hot and humid part of the country.

The other day I put out some virtual lavender  plants in a couple of locations in Second Life ®, and I was amazed how clearly the memory of the scent came back to me, and how soothing it was.  I haven't been able to smell actual lavender for over a decade, due to industrial asthma.  But I sure remember how it smelled, and how crisply clean I felt after a shower or bath.

I have also been doing a lot of video and audio work lately, and I found myself a little curious what it would be like to deconstruct them in a presentation.  It's an experiment.

Lavender in the Moonlight
by Judith Cullen
© 2018

Unquiet sleep.
Subsiding conscious thoughts
without the succor of actual repose,
and she rises.

Pacing, seeking,
some cynosure for the weary,
a restful haven for her mind,
invoking dreams.

The cool air invites,
as she steps out into the night,
and there they wave to her
inviting company.

Chorus of blossoms
dancing in a mischievous breeze
dozens of waving arms beckon
and she sits.

Refreshing, fragrant
they wrap their ambrosial arms
banishing her disquiet,
scented clean.

Mind easing,
she sighs happily, yawns
two faces peering at her, curiously,
"whatcha doin'?"

Padding back
a trail of restful odors follows.
with a pat, and stretch,
slumber returns.


LISTEN HERE to this poem, read by the author.

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