Tuesday, November 5, 2013

CELEBRATING VETERANS DAY! Monday, November 11th at Noon

Korean War Memorial from Wikimedia - photo by Lounger1963

"It was a simple trip over the mountains, if 'simple' can be considered an apt description for any military convoy.  During wartime, convoys are well organized groups of ships or motor vehicles traveling together for mutual support, often with armed defense support from aircraft.  There was a war being fought, but the convoy was stateside, not in Suwon or Wonju.  The Korean War raged miles away across the Pacific Ocean, but the only adversary this convoy was trying to navigate around was civilian taxpayers."  

~ Flying Down to Couer D'Alene

Celebrate Veterans on November 11th with two stories of life in "this man's Army" from the Korean War. I'll be streaming two of the stories live online from A Trio of My Father's Tales  - Flying Down to Couer D'Alene and The Skunk War.  Honor the commitment that our men and women in arms have made for centuries with stories that will make you smile, as well as remember.

IMPORTANT NOTE . . . In order to be able to listen on your computer or device, you may need to use an enabling application. Don't wait till story time!: CLICK HERE for links to helpful sites to make certain you are able to listen to streaming audio on your computer

 . . . CLICK HERE to be connected to the Shoutcast stream, which will go live 10 minutes before the posted start time.

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