Sunday, May 12, 2013

HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY! A New Short Story!

My Mom as a child
I am paying tribute to the two Moms in my life (pictured here) and to all Mothers everywhere today with this special Audio Clip of my recent short story Walking to the Music. In this story, a toddler is inspired to take his first steps by the sounds of his Mom playing a Grand Piano.

Click Here to enjoy Walking to the Music
by Judith Cullen (c)2013

My sister : the other  "Mom" in the family
As with all the audio downloads on this blog, this one is offered freely. I am an artist and fledgling indie author.  I only ask if you enjoy the files and decide to keep them, you consider leaving something in the tip jar on the right hand margin.  Even $1 helps keep the stories coming!   

Many Thanks and Happy Mother's Day!

Coming Soon!

The release of A Trio of My Father's Tales in Kindle and Paperback.     

Carroll D. Cullen circa 1898
Does this seven year old boy look happy?  He wasn't.  It was 1898 in the immigrant neighborhoods of Chicago, where a little boy lived with his Irish-born parents who dreamed of a bigger and better life for their only son.  Find out the lengths he went to in order to shed the various effects of that scratchy, itchy, hot, embarrassing costume in "The Little Lord Fauntleroy Suit."

A Trio of My Father's Tales is my tribute to Fathers - three of  the many family tales we begged my Dad to repeat over and over again around the kitchen table: "The Little Lord Fauntleroy Suit", "Flying Down to Cour D'Alene", and "The Skunk War."

See the tabs above for other titles currently available:
Reflections from the Golden Wheel, A Trio of Irish Tales, and last week's purrrfectly delightful release:  A Trio of Cat Tales 

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