Saturday, May 18, 2013

FIVE STAR REVIEW for "A Trio of Cat Tales"!

It was a real pleasure to read this review this morning.  Writing small short story collections and publishing them in "fiction monographs" was/is a big risk.  It is great to hear that someone not only loves the stories, but appreciates the format.  Pass on the love! Share them!

"A perfect primer for any cat owned people out there and fair warning for anyone considering going into feline servitude. As you read these stories from the cat's perspective you come to realize that everything a cat does is perfectly reasonable from their point of view no matter how confounding they are to us. In some ways the art of the short story is becoming lost as people have so many more distractions put upon their time. It is wonderful to see an author putting out new stories that can be shared with young and old alike. This small volume can be read quickly and then passed to friends and family for years to come. I defy anyone with any experience with cats to read this and not smile and nod knowingly." 
~ Amazon Reader Review

A TRIO OF CAT TALES is available in kindle and paperback - makes a great gift!  Click Here!

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