Thursday, September 6, 2012

"Sera's Punishment" An Original Short Story

A friend introduced me to the literature of author John Norman last Fall, and his "Gorean Chronicles."  It turned out to be the fodder for many interesting conversations.  I have to confess I find I can't read any of the work without reaching for a big red pen and a pair of sharp scissors.

None the less, this Spring I found myself struck with the notion of combining elements of his world with a favorite of mine, the work of C.S. Forrestor and his Horatio Hornblower series.  Sera's Punishment is the result. 

It is about punishment, yes.  But it also about what happens to a person in isolation: how they lose themselves in a kind of precursor to death.  It should be ambiguous what the protagonist's final words really mean.  What do you think?
CLICK HERE to listen.  Enjoy!

(c) Judith Cullen 2012

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