Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Great News! More Audio Books!

I am pleased to announce that not only am I working on Author Rae Lori's A Kiss Of Ashen Twilight audio book (Go Rae!) which is Book one in her Ashen Twilight Series ....

And not only have I been contracted to do the audio book of Marie Shore's lovely short story Master of My Heart ...

But I am officially doing the audio book of friend MJ McGalliard's first novel Beggar's Day, Book One: The Beggar Prince which I read selections of in Second Life (c) in May and June, the five sessions  available on the Seanchai Library YOU Tube Channel.  NOW we can here ALL the good parts and none of the introductory "ummmms"!

AND there are a couple of more promising projects in the offing.
HUGE thanks to MJ McGalliard, Shandon Loring, Jeff Lombardi and Lachy McCurdy for the continual support and encouragement!

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