Tuesday, October 8, 2019

*NEW POEM* On the Inevitability of Autumn

Gone Back to School
by Judith Cullen
© 2019

As if there were books involved,
pencils and pens, sharp and new,
backpacks crisp from purchase.
Though decades have passed since
our feet trod the waxy floors,
the reality of autumn is here, and
we have all gone back to school.

The carefree mists of summer
have all evaporated in entire.
No more pretext of long days,
no more buoyant assumptions
as the world seems endlessly
in bloom and perpetual growing.
We have all gone back to school.

The evidence is all too apparent
as the leaves turn and air cools;
time to toughen up and focus,
time to get serious about things.
Allowances for fooling and folly
somehow have faded from view.
We have all gone back to school.

The kids went back weeks ago,
trading hot grass for punctilious
bells and buzzers signaling cycles.
Transitions through lingering warmth.
We held out to the last second,
before succumbing to the ultimatum.
We are all now back to school.

The dewed grass not yet frosted,
still we tightly button up our coats,
sober up, diligent and on target.
Summer abandoning our spirits for good,
there is no choice but to bravely step
grasp the decay, the separation, accepting
that nature renders few viable options.

The school of adult responsibility
triumphs once again,
 . . .  and we are back in it.


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