Sunday, January 6, 2019

POEM: The Inverse Laws of Nature

Inverse Laws of Nature
by Judith Cullen
© 2019

Nature is composed, we are taught
of immutable laws, immovable realities.
Change, challenge, departure are things
we impose using the tools of mortality:
desire, hubris, and occasionally need.

Limited options of docile acceptance,
or wrestling the universe into submission.
In our haste to control destiny, we miss
the perverse nature of the natural, choosing
to interpret bluntly, without nuance.

A being feels strong and powerful,
exercising these same clearly, free from
consequence, responsibility, or concern.
Theirs should be the fate of accumulation:
in grasping, inevitably losing hold.

Peeled away to their last shred,
one who struggles believes there is
no more to let go of, no more to lose.
In continuance they show the strength, courage;
the essential, indomitable self.

In wishing for security, we divide
but cannot conquer with the obvious.
Drawing the line only calls attention to it,
gathers dissension, invites circumvention;
a sharp relief opposite of intention.

So nature fools us, or we the fools play.
The rules are not as clear as they seem.
Trying to command them, underestimating
the non-linear cyclical spirit, it remains
elusively just beyond comprehension.

Might does not ultimately conquer.

Simple contains the strength of endurance.

Separation invites connection,
to those who cannot value segregation.

Nature flips the glass, and laws filter
through the gap of eternity,
ignoring the ambitions of the moment
with a consciousness fixed only on infinity.


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