Thursday, August 4, 2016

THE THIRD ANNIVERSARY of Art Inspired Stories

It is hard to imagine that Mr Gene Kester and I hatched this idea over coffees three-plus years ago for the 2014 Proctor Artsfest.  While never claiming it was an original idea, it has turned out to be a very enjoyable and fruitful one.  Not only have I done two ArtsFests, but I did another installment got the Peninsula Art Guild last fall, and the project has extended into the virtual world as well.

I'll be at the Juried Art Show at Mason UMC at 11:30am on Saturday with the third set of Art Inspired Stories for this year's Proctor ArtsFest.

I happily dedicate this post and this year's stories to Gene Kester: Thank you for always seeing the creative possibilities, and being the first to stand behind them!

I love doing these projects, and it is hard to choose individual favorites, but here are some highlights from the five Art Inspired Story Projects, real world and virtual, over the past three years.

Image Copyrighted by the Artist
- Karen  Petrillose
Blue Lotus Dream by Karen Petrillose – Watercolor    

The raindrops falling
They are tiny caresses
Washing in cascades

No bustling of birds
The hustle of humanity
Fuss to cloud my quiet

I am cleansed and contented
A still serenity

Go and seek your own
That which cleans and fulfills you
Inhale, exhale, peace.

Tranquility is
Therefore you are if you choose
To embrace accord

Be one with nature
Your breath cradled in its hands
Mind serene, joyful.

My world of blue, green
And water-born restfulness
Free from the uproar

All of this repose
Gaps, pausing between each breath
Is where it begins

The space wherein life
Transmutes, transforms, and restarts
Is waiting for you    

Image Copyrighted by the Artist - Carolyn Burt
(from Proctor ArtsFest)
Listen to Our Eyes
by Carolyn Burt, Scratchboard

What do we see? Kids: a variety as wide as the many colors in our art box. Look how alike we are! We have hands to explore, feet to run, and arms that long to embrace. We have differences. They are varied too, and unimportant.

Our eyes speak in one voice, twin lights that silently implore you: we need food, shelter, and safety.  We need to learn, grow, and prosper.  There is so much that we can achieve, so much that we can create.  Please, give us what we need.  Your hate and intolerance? Keep that, we don’t need it.

(from Proctor PAG Fall Show)
Image Copyrighted by the Artist - Robert Berg
Kalaloch Creek Abstract
Robert Berg – Photography

The air was sea-salt crisp as I stood there, alone and enrapt by line and motion. The progression repeated itself from the hand of an unseen sculptor. 

“This defines nature,” I thought, “This endless expansion of form, this interweaving of plane and mass.”

Did they stand back, the artist of everlastingness, checking the horizon, vanishing lines, and the angling light?  A little adjustment here, a little molding there, a shifting of pattern before the final chisel cut reverberated away? Then the final moment of satisfaction before the hand washed over it all, casually perhaps, to set it into eternal motion.


(from Holly Kai Art in the Park - Second Life)

Image Copyrighted by the Artist - Goodcross
Whose Foregiveness?
Inspired by"Mirror" Photo by Goodcross

“Stand like Wonder Woman, whether you feel it or not,” the TED Talks expert had said. The sun is a blessed caress, adding energy to her courage as she forgives her body, part by vulnerable part.

“Ankles, I forgive you. Butt, it doesn’t matter.  Waist, really – it’s fine. Breasts,…”

She pauses.

“There are so many shapes, and it is not your fault you aren’t the exact handful I’d hoped for.”

She scrutinizes her lips, mustering the will to absolve. Then, suddenly seeing something more, she swipes a liberating hand across the mirror, leaving a streak.

“You don’t define me.”

(from Holly Kai Art in the Park - Second Life)

The Perfect Rotation
Inspired by Crane Bowl Kinetic Sculpture in "Wounded Angels" by SisterButta

They are always there
Photo of Kinetic Crane Bowl Sculpture
by Inara Pey

balanced, delicate, precise
celebration here.

Crowning life in red
bright heat at full attention
the crucible now.

Courage to face it
brave flare of golden yellow
fear and fortitude

Always lingering
below and about them all
mystery and death

Black and white affirm
the hues of our existence
with its brutal truth

Always they revolve
ever balanced, and precise
perfect rotation.

(also from Holly Kai Art in the Park - Second Life)

Soaring Then
Inspired by "Contemplation" Photo by Ceakay Ballyhoo

Cotton candy sunset. 
Image Copyrighted by the Artist - CeaKay Ballyhoo

Grass dry with passing timeFaint echoes shouting,
happy shrieks,
merriment unrestrained.

Absorbent greasy corn dogs
Accompaniments abandoned
sticks of dog, popsicle
cones from waffle
and sugar fluff.

Is it enough, to remember?
soaring high on youth
rattling on wooden tracks
of certain ecstasies
delirious about everything.

Safer here, grounded.
A girl can think
away from the attraction
of firm thighs
and sleeveless tops.

Pounds meaningless
weighing you down with
expectations, responsibilities
luring you subtly
to somehow forget

Wind in your hair
and the un-restraint of joy
Just a memory?
or invocation
invitation to fly
once again

ART INSPIRED STORIES PROJECT = Creating 100 word short stories, OR poetry in any form not exceeding 100 words based on inspiration from selected works of visual art.

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