Saturday, July 11, 2015

PREVIEW #2 - Beauty on the Interstate

We're rolling closer to the August release of Beauty on the Interstate.

This collection of stories was sparked by a single piece of micro-fiction which I wrote in 2013 right around U.S. Labor Day that was based on a real incident I experienced on the freeway.  Who knew it would grow into a collection of stories and essays about the life vehicular on the great, rolling stage of drama that are our highways?

As we finish up the final editing, this collection includes:
             ~ Cool Is as Cool Does (the original tale)      ~ The Bubble of Me
             ~ The Red Car                                                             ~ The Terrible Tuesday After
             ~ Hurry Up and Wait                                              ~ Road Construction
             ~ My Car, My Self                                                    ~ Whole Brain Driving
             ~ OR Highway 20                                                      ~ My Favorite Drive
             ~ Short Strokes from the Road

You can click on the original tale's title to read the story that started it all! We'll be releasing the book trailer soon and we travel the curvy road to this book's release.

It is the season for lots of road travel in the U.S.  I enjoyed watching these great shorts as part of my inspirational research for several of the stories.  As you head out onto the road this vacation season, take a moment for a little refresher.  It's kind of incredibly how this feature from 1965 is still incredibly apt today. That Goofy!  What a nut!

IMPORTANT NOTE: The sharing of these videos in this post in no way reflects, nor should be construed to indicate, the support or endorsement by the Walt Disney Company of this, or any other book by this author.

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