Sunday, January 25, 2015

NEW POEM . . ."Beach House Dream"

I have been busy doing design work, and my post-it notes with thoughts for stories and poems have reached critical mass.  Let's not talk about what's on the micro-recorder!

I can mark one off the list now. That collection of stuck together post-its which I transcribed today to a single sheet of notepaper before I lost any of the thoughts.  This was a dream I had.  I woke up knowing it was a poem.

I have been told that dreams with water indicate great emotions.  This one was ultra vivid: the driftwood natural gray of the beach house, the vibrant carpet of pebbles, the amazing variety of waves. I wonder what this one meant, with its great rushes of water in and out of the cove?

Beach House Dream
By Judith Cullen
(c) 2015

Eyes blinking shut, in the cool
Silent, grey quiet of a Sunday.
Mists cradling a mind, morning
Drifting into solace.

A cove, fringed with beach houses
A place we’ve never been before.
In a house fully steeped in 
My grandfather’s craft.

Mom and me, edging some sea
In a place familiar, but not.
Wading in a bay ankle deep
To touch some boulder stone.

Suddenly water rising
Above the knees and rising
When did this happen, this
Sudden, unseen rush of emotion.

Now the water recedes, and the bay
A vast bed of clear, colored pebbles
Sized like marble giants
Spread like a mosaic carpet

Collecting green ones, moving
Heading for shore for the water
It is coming like a wall to sweep,
To overwhelm and wash away

We stand spellbound in the door
Protecting Mom in the jamb, us both
Spellbound by the mountain of wave
As it roars past, crashing, filling, cleansing

Two pine trees on our beach fall
One lands at my feet, by inches
Curiosity roots our feet, to watch
Marvel at the gallop of water in and out

Something found once made by my hand.
Puzzling to the sound of
The freight train water’s career
As I pull little pieces from it.

Mom and me, edging some sea
In a place familiar, but not.
Eyes open to blue sky sunshine and
the wonder of water-ful dreamlands lost.


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  1. Lovely poem Judy. I too am familiar with dreams of rising, dangerous waters and pent up emotions that threaten to overwhelm me. Beautiful vivid images. They say when you have dreams of such colour and clarity that they are especially significant. This dream is trying to tell you something.