Thursday, July 10, 2014


Miracles: A Trio of Island Tales is now available for Kindle and in Paperback from Amazon!

Belief is crucial to life.  If there is a through-line to most of my work, it is the need for all of us to believe in something beyond ourselves. 

Belief is woven into all three of the stories in this collection. These stories are fictionalizations of Tongan history and family stories shared by my collaborator, Ilaisaane Filikitonga Tome.  She is a native born Tongan: an amazing Polynesian kingdom in the South Pacific known for the friendliness of its people, an exceptionally high literacy rate, and for devoutly faithful Christians. The power of her stories is moving and undeniable.  You may or may not share her belief system, and that does not really matter.  It is hard to hear her stories and not recognize the essential power of them.
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“An Island Miracle – Earth” re-imagines “tuku fonua” and the journey of King Tupou I to this historic act of dedicating all of Tonga to the Christian God, rather than bow to pressure from colonizing foreign powers. 

“An Island Miracle – Water” recounts how a man of faith places himself, literally, in the path of ongoing sorrow for the residents of the small Tongan island of Falevai.

“An Island Miracle – Fire” faces the reality of life on a volcanic island, where life and creation vividly part of the same continuing cycle.  When a community of believers is charged with a task that seems completely insane, will they have the faith and courage to believe, when even the island itself seems to challenge them?

Interested in learning more about Tongan history and culture?  Here is one of the resources I used in researching this book and these stories - a fabulous video produced by the Brigham Young University Polynesian Center. It specifically deals with "tuku fonua", the act of dedicating the people and land of Tonga to God.  It also features the beauty of the Tongan language.

The “Trio Tales” series are “fiction monographs” featuring three short stories on a single theme, and are intended to be portable, enjoyable. They also make great gifts.

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