Thursday, February 13, 2014

THOUGHTS FOR HEART DAY - Hope You Have a Happy One!

Made to Order

By Judith Cullen  (c) 2014

It happens on glittery screens
Those shiny moments
When perfect love comes
In an moment
In a breath
Made to order

Sometimes it happens
In not so elegant climes
The connection so instant
It is perfect
It is blissful
Exceptionally rare
Love takes hard work

It doesn’t come conveniently
Ready to wear, finished
Just the size
Just the color
Love needs time to grow

Often love just “seems” to be
And sometimes it is used
Liberally scattered freely
Casual garnishes
Candied sprinkles
Voicing a desire

Real love doesn’t come
In predestined excellence
It requires hard work
It takes time
It takes patience
You have to actually try

Listening for Love
By Judith Cullen  (c) 2014

Love doesn’t sound like
What you expected it to
It sneaks up on you
And takes various surprising forms

You want it to say,
“Let me move these things out of your way.”
But it ends up saying,
“I made tuna salad.  Want some for your lunch?”

You want it to say,
“You look tired, let me do the dishes”
But it ends up saying,
“There was a sale on strawberries. I bought five flats!”

You have to listen hard
And with your whole heart
The voice of love is cunning
It sneaks up where you aren’t listening

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