Thursday, January 9, 2014

Welcome, Welcome 2014!

I have some great stories coming up this year, as I enter the second year of Trio Tales, and my first novella-length work.  Here's what's in the works!

LATE BREAKING NEWS: A Preview of Miracles: A Trio of Island Tales will be streamed online LIVE Monday, January 13th at 7PM.  CLICK HERE for instructions ... be sure your home computer is enabled in advance to listen in.

Belief is essential part of life.  If there is a through-line to most of my work, it is the essential need for all of us to believe in something beyond ourselves.  It does not matter what.  Simply believe.  By believing in something beyond yourself, you learn to better understand your world: to believe in yourself.

Belief is woven into all three stories in Miracles: A Trio of Island Tales.  These stories are fictionalizations of family stories shared by my collaborator, Saane Tome.  She is a native born Tongan and devout Christian. The power of her stories is moving and undeniable.  You may or may not share her belief system, and that does not really matter.  It is hard to hear her stories and not recognize the essential power of them.

An Elven Adventure-Romance about opposites coming together, healing each other, and forming a whole greater than the sum of its parts.

Meet Griff, a Dark Elf once distinguished as a Captain of Guards in a great Kingdom.  When that Kingdom collapsed under the weight of its own good intentions, Griff blames himself.  He finds a rugged, rough land and establishes a homestead, building a community for those who seek peace and cannot find it elsewhere. Reserved, subtle, quiet - Griff is not prepared for Kas' unexpected arrival on his doorstep.

Kas is a Snow Elf, pure white, whose ancestors come from the far North.  She is bright, enthusiastic, spontaneous, and open hearted.  When she seeks shelter with Griff, she is a quiet shadow of her former self, in danger of fading from existence, and full of secrets.

Join Kas and Griff as they wrestle with their pasts secrets, present dangers, and the possibility of a future together.

Stay tuned for more information and previews of these and other titles, including A Trio of Irish Tales II!

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