Saturday, October 12, 2013

TUESDAY at 7PM Pacific Time - A New Ghost Story: HER OWN WORDS

I wanted to try and write a different kind of ghost story.  One without rattling chains or glowing spectral figures.  Just words.  Words can have tremendous power all by themselves.  Words can change lives.

Ever been haunted by your own words?  What if you were haunted by them literally?  A woman is pursued by words she wrote over 30 years ago, and struggles with how to end being haunted by HER OWN WORDS

I'll be reading this story Tuesday Night  live in Second Life (c) at the Seanchai Library at 7pm Pacific Time 

And also live, streaming on the web . . . CLICK HERE to be connected to the Shoutcast stream, which will go live 10 minutes before start time.

IMPORTANT NOTE . . . In order to be able to listen on your computer or device, you may need to use an enabling application. Don't wait till story time!: CLICK HERE for links to helpful sites to make certain you are able to listen to streaming audio on your computer

 Readings in Second Life (c) are offered free to all residents with the invitation show their appreciation, if they desire it, by joining the Seanchai Library Staff in supporting their featured charity.  Stories streamed on the internet are likewise free, and tips to the Seanchai Library charity, or to the Storyteller (donation button in the right hand margin) are gratefully accepted.

Starting October 16th, this story will be part of author Lissa Bryan's Online Ghost Story Competition.  You can visit the "Ghostwriter" Ghost Story Contest Blog and vote for HER OWN WORDS if you like, or any of the other submissions.  The winning story will be announced on Halloween!

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