Sunday, August 11, 2013

Miscellany - Composing Myself

I have frequently said that I use Drabble (100 words) and Haiku as warm ups.  Having been a little blocked lately, I threw myself at the challenges of two friends.  One is Laurence Simon/Crap Mariner's Weekly 100 Word Story Challenge, and the other Stephanie Mesler's Haiku Throwdown.

As usual, ideas flowed out once I started.  It proved once again that I am rarely actually blocked.  I am just momentarily intimidated by the blank page (or screen).  Best thing is to address the enemy!

A Poet's Progress ~ Haiku Throwdown "What's on Your Desk?"

Two Desks  
by Judith Cullen
(c) 2013

two desks side by side

one for color and one words

two desks, one owner

two desks side by side

pigment, motion, form and line

muster to the right

two desks side by side

grappling words, style and also form

with left alignment

two desks side by side

some days both desks are in use

those days are the best


The Power of Grace
by Judith Cullen
(c) 2013
She pats her pocket, totally aware of its contents. 

He sidles up to her with that unique sideways lope of his.  His smile is ingratiatingly confident. 

She smiles back, her thoughts completely different from what he believes they are.  She wonders why she didn’t see through that smile before.  How had she found it charming? 

He is thinking that all is well when she quietly says, “It is over. Goodbye.”

She turns and walks away from his incredulous, drop-jawed face. She pats her pocket, totally aware of its contents. She grins, knowing now that grace is more powerful than revenge.

Grace Beside Itself
by Judith Cullen
(c) 2013

“It’s your turn, dear.  Don’t mumble”

“Our Father in heaven, our thanks now we bring, for food, and for clothing, and for every good thing…”

Image Courtesy of Wikimedia Commons
Gramma smiles proudly.

“Oh give of thy blessings to those who have meat …”

“Meat?  No dear, I think it is ‘need’, not ‘meat.’”

“Don’t they need meat too?”

“Well, perhaps they do, but…”

“…and teach us to love thee in word and in 'deet.'  Amen.”

The smiling young face looks up triumphantly, eyes large and expectant.

A thoughtful pause.

“Thank you.  That was lovely, dear.  Pass your sister the potatoes, there’s a good girl.”

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