Saturday, July 27, 2013

My Ton ~ 10,000 Visits!

I am sure there is some rubric out there that standardizes what the growth of a new blog should be after seventeen months.  Frankly, I don't give a rip what anyone else thinks.  When I saw my blog visits pass 10,000 I was excited!  It is now far enough past that mark to account for all the spam and robo hits.

I still marvel at how popular my post of Yeats' The Stolen Child is and continues to be. Equally remarkable is the response to the Abigail Adams posts earlier this month.  So, I choose to celebrate the benchmark of 10,000 rather than worry about how fast I got there according to someone else.

Thank you for the support, and I hope you continue to find joy and inspiration here. I wrote this in commemoration:


My Ton

Ten thousand tentative beginnings.
… stories to tell, audio to share.
… question, “am I a voice, or a story?”

Ten thousand spooky thoughts last October.
… poems, stories, The Goblin Market.
… moments of amazement .

Ten thousand moments of revelation.
… hesitations at calling myself "Author, Storyteller, Artist."
… delights at the joys of my audience.

Ten thousand compositions in my brain.
… post it notes with ideas and thoughts.
… pauses, wondering what to do next.

Ten thousand sleepless nights of worry.
… bright mornings with new inspiration.
… more stories to share.

© Judith Cullen, 2013

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