Monday, October 8, 2012

OCTOBER 8: Happy Columbus Day!

Taking a brief respite from the serious pursuit of Autumnal Poetry and Ghost Stories for a bit if silliness.

Today's selection is appropriate to the U.S. observance of the day.  This is what what I learned in elementary school (probably 1st or 2nd grade), and if you went to Public School in the 1960s and 1970s there is a chance you too might have this little ditty tucked away in the deep recesses of your brain, along with the Patches Pal Pledge and the words to the Super Chicken Theme Song.

Tomorrow we'll get back to the literature.  Given what we know about Columbus, and given the changes in political and social appropriateness, this song is long out of place.  But for today, let's just relax and have a bit of nostalgic fun.

Enjoy Columbus Day Song! (with apologies to whatever long gone maker of school room music books was responsible for this)

Recording (c) Judith Cullen 2012
NOT for Commerical Use

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