Sunday, June 3, 2012

BEGGAR'S DAY - Part 1 on YOU Tube!

Good Friend MJ McGalliard e-published his first novel Beggar's Day in November.  You know how it is when a friend writes a book? ..."Oh wow!  That's great ..."  Then I read it!  What delightful fun!

MJ agreed to let me read Beggar's Day in the virtual world, and we even made an avatar so he could come in and hear it himself!  With his permission, we have recorded it and posted it on the Seanchai Library's YOU Tube Channel.  It is a live performance, so as a piece of video or a strictly audio track, it has many imperfections.  You'll hear me laugh, react to things and even greet people arriving ... things that you cannot see on the screen.  That's the joy of live performance!

CLICK HERE to go to the Seanchai Library's YOU Tube page and listen in!

CLICK HERE to go to MJ's Beggar's Day site and learn more about the author and the the book!

CLICK HERE to go to the Seanchai Library (a virtual Library in Second Life) blog page and see the schedule for Beggar's Day and other literary presentations.

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