Sunday, September 8, 2013


The Trio Promotion went great Friday and Saturday, in part thanks to my Launch Team, and to my great friends and supporters. (You could be a part of the Launch Team fun!  Just leave me a comment or contact me on facebook!)   I think there might even be some actual fans now! Fans of my writing!  GASP! We'll party again when Miracles: A Trio of Island Tales comes out in a few weeks. 

Thank You One and All!
This week I'll begin supporting another friend and author, Caitilin Walsh.  She and her husband, Alfred Hellstern, published this lovely book of essays and photographs after spending a year living in Ireland.

I will be reading from Cait's essays and featuring selected photographs of Alfred's in Second Life (c) at the Seanchai Library at 7pm Pacific on Monday September 9th and Wednesday, September 18th.

At the moment, there is no firm plan to stream Monday's session, but God willing we might be streaming the session on the 18th.  Otherwise, You need to be logged into Second Life and at the Seanchai Library on the grid to hear the live presentation.  If you are an SL resident and you are interested, send a notecard to me as Caledonia Skytower (IMs often get capped).  We'll keep you posted on developments here regarding possible streaming.

To learn more about Cait and Alfred's book, CLICK HERE

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