Where to Find My Books

ONLINE: All of my books are available for Kindle and in Paperback on Amazon.  Visit my Amazon Author Page to see the entire range of titles.

IN THE PUGET SOUND: You can find a selection of my titles (not all of them just YET) at The Nearsighted Narwhal in Tacoma's Sixth Avenue District.  The Nearsighted Narwhal is a store whose sole focus is the myriad forms of the DIY culture.  Over 1,000 self-published books, zines, and comics are housed within its four walls, with inventory growing daily. Not only catering to the bookworm crowd, there is also a well-stocked selection of music titles and art from local artists.

Titles Currently Narwhal-side: The Blackberry & Other Tales That Creep, A Trio of Cat Tales, A Trio of My Father's Tales, and Coffee Shop Talk.

ALSO ONLINE: CreateSpace is an Amazon owned company which does print on demand (POD) of paperbacks as well as other media.  You can actually buy all my titles in paperback directly from CreateSpace.  However, they go directly on sale through Amazon for essentially the same cover price.  If you are an Amazon Prime member (like I am) you can order your paperback through Amazon and save the shipping, and be able to pick up the Kindle version for 99 cents if you wish.  Still, they are available directly through the CreateSpace Store online.

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