Friday, June 16, 2017

ETERNITY'S TEST is now available on Amazon!

NOW Available on Amazon for Kindle! CLICK HERE

What started out as a simple request from a colleague turned out to be an incredible journey.  I had the spark of an idea immediately when Eleseren Brianna (aka Donna Kantaris) invited me to write a companion piece to her own short story, written in support of an installation of 2D and 3D virtual art, "The Curio."

She specifically ask me to do a story from the perspective of the colossal stone and metal "Enkeli" figure that she had created and spun a story about. "Enkeli" is the Finnish word for angel.  How does and angel end up in the wilderness, as the one in Eles' story does?  And what could that mean?  Research, followed by several weeks of brooding contemplation amidst the turmoil that was last fall's U.S. presidential campaign followed, and in the aftermath this story came flowing out like an emotional imperative.

After letting it steep and revise, it still has that imperative feel about it, which lead to me deciding to publish it as a stand alone story, instead of tucking it into another collection.  It deserves its own focus.

Not everyone likes ir reads Kindle, I understand that.  but I am offering a special deal for folks on my mailing list, so if you are brave enough to READ MY NEWSLETTER announcement of this release, you can take advantage of the deal offered my subscribers!

If you enjoy it, don't forget to leave a review of Eternity's Test on Amazon.  Every little bit helps!

Coming in July and August - several event appearances, and more short stories.

Saturday, June 10, 2017

COMING THIS MONTH: "Eternity's Test" for Kindle

With all the things going on in the world, and in my life these days, I have decided to release December's story of a near fallen angel and the lessons he learns encased in stone and metal in the wilderness over millennia.  It seems like just the right thing to do.

So, keep an eye out for ETERNITY'S TEST to be released this month in Kindle only through Amazon as a stand-alone piece of short fiction.  The time has come: be ready!

For those of you who read the original last year, you may remember that this story was inspired by a virtual world sculpture by Eleseren Brianna (Donna Kantaris).  She also write a story about "The Curio" in which some 19th Century vacationers come upon its compelling presence deep in the Scandinavian wilderness.  Her story was very much one of observation and supposition, done in the format of a 19th C diary.  She asked me to consider creating a story from the sculpture's point of view.  And that, as we say, is that!

More coming, so stay tuned!

"The Curio" by Eleseren Brianna, created in Second Life

Sunday, May 21, 2017


The wheels of Amazon have done all there turning, and all the appropriate connections are now connected on a single sales page for Gorak the Gobbler . When you have a publisher behind you, it happens more smoothly.  When you are an independent, like myself, it doesn't always.  But now it's all there!

Not only that, but the first reader review is in and it is five stars!

"I have heard Ms. Cullen read all three tales presented in this tome in virtual worlds -- a rare privilege. Now to own the book with my own two hands! Awesome!

"Being old school (and ancient in my years) I adore having an actual book to thumb through, put bookmarks in and look at fondly when it rests in my book case. However, is is also available in Kindle, so have at!

"That said, Ms. Cullen's talents as a storyteller allow one to gambol in joie de vivre. I am a decidedly G-rated old crone, the Gorak tales touch on fun, fantasy, exploration, personal growth, emotional awareness and acknowledgement, and joy in the glory of living. I wish I had them in my youth. I'm definitely glad I have them in my elder age.

"I recommend this book to all. And if you get a chance to hear the author share the tale verbally, hop to it!"   ~ "
Rd Plasschaert", Amazon Reader Review (five stars)

Saturday, May 13, 2017

GORAK is on his way, this week!

That's right.  The small, oddly wise, extremely red little guy will have his very own volume of tales, released this week on Kindle, with the paperback available shortly after.

Here's a glimpse from one of the stories in this new volume:  Gorak Returns.

The big plastic storage bin of sewing and craft scraps that her Mom kept in the hall closet had been dragged into Ellie's room, and its contents were strewn all over her bed: scraps of fabrics in rainbow colors, papers with different printed designs, ruffled lace trim in varying sizes, ribbons galore, cellophane packages of beads and sequins twinkling in the light. Standing in the middle of the chaos, feet planted apart, arms spread wide and grinning was a creature Ellie had never seen the like of before.  Around its red head was tied a scrap of fluffy pink marabou.

"Me Gorak!  Ellie McCormick wanna dance?" it said.

Tuesday, April 25, 2017

COMING in May!

The rumors are true . . . Gorak the Gobbler is getting his own book!

Coming mid-May to Kindle, closely followed by paperback, the original tale first published in The Blackberry & Other Tales That Creep, plus two additional stories.

Ever think about how pressures of life eat away at you, gnaw at your confidence?  What if there were a magical creature who gobbled away at those very things?  The things that attack and diminish your sense of self: self-confidence, body image, stereotyping, anger.

Gorak the Gobbler specializes in young people's problems. He enables them with his own brand of wisdom, and playful logic.

" like drinking soda.  All go one way and no stopping: Sip, gulp, no matter.  But when bubbles build up, only one ting to do - let em out!"

Stay Tuned!

Sunday, January 1, 2017


Click on image to enlarge it, said Granny from her bed. 
"The better to read it, my dear!"